Deep Cleansing Face Washes : glossier Cleanser Concentrate


Glossier’s Cleanser Concentrate is the latest skincare product to be added to the beauty brand’s catalogue of products. Beloved by Millennials, Glossier is a cult-favorite beauty brand known for its minimalist products and pink-clad aesthetic.

Now, the brand aims to conquer the clean beauty world, offering products that promote skin health. The face wash was strategically designed to preform a deep cleanse on the skin, prepping it for makeup, or ridding it of any impurities. The formula is packed with natural ingredients like fruit extracts, grape ferment and conditioning calendula. Interestingly, grapes were utilized for their antioxidants, which allow for gentle exfoliation.

The face wash is available through the brand’s website for approximately $20 USD.

Image Credit: Glossier

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