Neo-Mexican Art Exhibits : Para Morelio


Peana, a contemporary art gallery located in Monterrey, Mexico, has announced the launch Para Morelio, a group exhibit that intends to offer a re-reading of Julio Galán’s Neo-Mexicanism painting history.

Curated by Ana Pérez Escoto and Deslave (Mauricio Muñozand Andrew Roberts) the show features the work of several prominent Mexican artists including Rafa Esparza, Romeo Gómez López, Bárbara Sánchez-Kane, Ana Segovia, and Frieda Toranzo Jaeger.

All of the works share a common interest in articulating the “interchanging expressions of desire, humor, play and affection through the self-representation of non-normative sexes and genders.” In doing so, each piece aligns with Galan’s notion of gender as an artifice. As a whole, Para Morelio was conceived of as a conversation with the purpose of exploring diverse gender tensions in Mexico.

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