Punch-Flavored Hard Seltzers : Truly Punch hard seltzers


The Truly Punch hard seltzers are being launched by the brand to offer consumers a new range of flavor options to try out this summer when in search of something outside the existing offerings.

The seltzers come in four flavor options including Tropical Punch, Fruit Punch, Citrus Punch and Berry Punch, which are all formulated with just one-gram of sugar and have a 5% ABV. The drinks are each 100-calories per can to make them easy for consumers to incorporate into their diet.

Director of Product Development at The Boston Beer Co. Casey O’Neill explained the new Truly Punch hard seltzers further saying, “We continue to keep our drinkers top-of-mind with each innovation we bring to market, creating refreshing and unique hard seltzer options that our drinkers have come to expect, but with less sugar and more fruit flavor. After testing roughly 200 recipes with nearly 2,000 drinkers, Truly is proud to welcome the four new Truly Punch flavors into the fold.”

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