Soap for a Midlife Crisis


Whiskey River Soap Co. is known for its humorous products and has released a ‘Soap for a Midlife Crisis.’ The description of the soap is as comical as the product itself, mentioning that the soap smells “like a motorcycle, or a perm or maybe even a food truck,” but is actually scented like Kumquat Tree.

The brand hand pours the soap and cuts them into 6-ounce bars. Because of its handmade nature, each bar is unique and one-of-a-kind. Consumers should note that it is a mild soap that is safe to use on recent piercings and won’t fade new tattoos.

The Soap for a Midlife Crisis is a humorous gag gift to give your family and friends and can be purchased on the Perpetual Kid and Whiskey River Soap Co. websites.

Image Credit: Perpetual Kid, Whiskey River Soap Co.

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